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Choose Envirocon Services to deal with your COVID-19 Clean-up


Envirocon Services employees are trained in following all COVID-19 Protocols and maintaining the highest sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting standards.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic is still ongoing in todays climate, Envirocon Services has been and continues to be a leading company dealing with this infectious disease cleanup effort.  Many local businesses have called us to help with their sanitization clean up jobs as we deal with not only residential but commercial buildings as well.



Envirocon Services will make sure that our disinfecting and cleaning efforts follow all COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. We take all the recommendations from the local and federal level into consideration with our jobs as if they were our own homes and buildings. 

We have been called by leaders in our community as well as businesses in the healthcare sector to help them perform these bio-remediation processes that include sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting their whole facility.  We insure that everything that is required to sanitize and clean up their property is done in a safe and secure manner.

To help do our job properly, we use Fiberlock Technologies: SHOCKWAVE DISINFECTANT & CLEANER. This product helps kill Coronavirus under the harshest conditions. Please click here for more info on this product:


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