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About Us

Our Process

At Envirocon Services, when we come into your home, we want every customer to understand that we get a lot of phone calls with mold related issues.

When we get there,  we want our customers to realize -- without a moisture problem, we have no mold problem.

That's why it's such a critical and important step in the process of making sure the home is dried properly. We do this by making sure we have a good dry log and documentation that backs that up.

Locally Owned

Doing that, we can insure that the home is being rebuilt safely when the walls are being put back on. 

I want you to know when you call Envirocon Services, that we are a locally owned and trusted company. We want people to look us up. We want to give you references. We want you to see WHAT WE ARE ABOUT

We find that some people who don't understand the proper channels around us-- it's overwhelming. We just want to come in and show you and do a free assessment and say "Hey, what's the next step? Where do I go from here?"

Let us show you! We "DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME"!


Our Mission

Through these tough times, we want to make sure that everyone knows and understands the importance of getting an honest and trusted company.

At Envirocon Services, our motto is,



Remember, one of the leading causes of homes with a mold problem is insufficient drying and a dry standard not being reached before proceeding with the rebuild.

Free Assessment

Call Envirocon Services today to schedule your free water damage or mold remediation assessment.


We also work with all insurance carriers and companies.


Give us a call today at 337-352-2455 for all of your water damage and mold remediation needs!

Easy To Work With

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